WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Important: Shipping may be delayed due to PACT Act regulations

Product Authentication

Keeping Our Products Secure

Naked 100 prides itself on delivering quality products. Unfortunately, there are unauthorized counterfeit products being sold using the Naked 100 brand. In order to help stop counterfeits and make authentication easy for our distributors, retailers, and consumers, Naked 100 and our manufacturer USA Vape Lab have implemented elements within our products for easy authentication. If there is any uncertainty with a product or you would like to report a counterfeit, please visit our contact us page.

United States

60 mL Features
  • Child-resistant cap
  • Scannable QR code using phone camera for authenticity verification
For more info about our QR system, visit our
Naked 100 Double Layer Labels Page >

United States

Current U.S. 60 mL Freebase Bottles

Previous Versions

Previous Versions

For more information on these bottles click here.

Latin America

Large warning on bottles with nicotine will read: 
"ADVERTENCIA: Mantener alejado de niños."

As of 2019, Latin America products:
  • 60mL
    • are stamped with "LATAM VAPE LAB" on the cap
    • have Child-Resistant Caps
    • include a warning label that reads, "ADVERTENCIA: Manter alejado de niños."
  • 30mL Salt
    • Are stamped with “LATAM VAPE LAB” on the cap
    • have Child-Resistant Caps
    • ADVERTENCIA: Ese producto contiene nicotina, una sustancia muy adictiva.
    • have been updated with a Unique QR code for additional product authentication and security.


Current Canada 60 mL freebase bottles


Canada Vape Lab uses the following Julian Batch Code System:
  • Batch Code: NLF0619144A
  • ChildNLF = Brand and Flavor
  • 06 = Nicotine Strength (6 MG)
  • 19 = Year of Production (2019)
  • 144 = Day of the year the product was produced (May 24)
  • A = Mixture on the day of production (A)


TPD Notified

*Europe (Notified member states)

UK TPD will have the following:
  • Distributed by Flawless UK
  • Nicotine per dose
  • Warning icons
To verify your bottles of Naked 100 please fill out and submit your information via our contact form.
If you do not see the label that is on your bottle of Naked 100, you may have an older bottle. For more information, make sure to visit
Previous Labels Page
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Due to regulations placed by the PACT Act, orders placed through USA Vape Lab may experience a longer than expected turnaround time for fulfillment. In the event that your order is impacted/affected, a representative will contact you for further assistance. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us as we are here to help. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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